7:00 am-11:00 am
After 11:00 additional charge of $2.00

Every breakfast is served with 3 eggs, potato house or fries and 1 extra (bacon, ham or sausage). The toasts and coffee are included.

Scramble of Fried eggs $5.99
Bistec a caballo with onions $9.99
Desayuno #3 $4.99
Wrap,2 scrambled Eggs, Ham
Wrap,2 huevos revueltos, Jamón
Omelet, Ham, Cheese $6.99
Tortilla, Jamón, Queso  
Pan con tortilla de jamón y queso   $6.99
Veggie $8.49
3 Eggs omelette, Green peper, Onion, Mushroom, Bacon
Tortilla de 3 Huevos, Pimento, Cebolla, Champiñon, Tocineta.   
Sausage/Tortilla de Chorizo $8.99
3 Eggs omelette, Spanish sausage, Onion, Potatoes
Tortilla de 3 Huevos, Salchicha Española, Cebolla, Papas.

Ropa Vieja $7.99
2 Eggs, Shredded beef
2 Huevos, Ropa Vieja
Ground Beef $6.99
2 Eggs, Ground Beef
2 Huevos, Picadillo

Sausage / Salchicha  
Ham / Jamón  
Cheese / Queso  
Bacon / Tocineta  
Potatoes / Papas  
Toast / Tostadas